Bar and Grill Design

Hallmarks & Refinements

Hallmarks & Refinements

Hallmarks & Refinements

Bar and Grill Design

Design Hallmarks 

Distinctive Bar with appealing beer and liquor options clearly displayed, TV’s. Area for manager’s reception is incorporated into bar design for ease and efficiency of service 

Dedicated ordering area is integrated into bar. 

Branded identity signage establishes location and improves visibility 

Varied decorative lighting elements scaled to seating groupings. 

Use of natural stone, glass, metal screening, contemporary wood details 

Comfortable, modern seating in a variety of styles (lounge dining/communal tables/traditional dining tables/strategic (limited) use of banquettes and booths) 

Color schemes as regionally appropriate. 

Outlets at all seating areas and at bar. Purse hooks at bar and communal tables. 

Design Refinements

Address ease of implementation and cost effectiveness

Fast casual ordering station integrated into bar design for guest visibility and ease of service. 

Scalable design for varied property types.Varied lounge and dining seating adjacent to bar provides for seamless cocktail/evening reception/dinner guest experience. 

Digital ordering station supplements face-to-face ordering at busy times and during hours when the bar is unstaffed. 

Flexible design elements easily adapted to existing schemes, renovations, or new builds.

Food To Go Design

Hallmarks & Refinements

Hallmarks & Refinements

Hallmarks & Refinements

Food To Go Design

Design Hallmarks

Flooring continues from adjacent public space 

Finish selections adaptable to public area color schemes 

Industrial-style lighting 

Modern, quirky display elements 

Clean-lined wood accents 

Thoughtful, integrated trash/recycle containers and condiment display 

Neutral colors—products provide color 

Design Refinements 

Address ease of implementation and cost effectiveness: 

Scalable design adapts to varied property types 

Equipment selections support menu development including In-Room Delivery 

Enticing displays on furniture-style shelving provide visual interest and stimulate sales 

Sightlines are open from adjacent spaces to inform and attract guest interaction

Floor Plans

Design and Construction

Food To Go

Design Narrative

Adjacent to front desk for visual supervision and staffing efficiency 

Branded identity signage establishes location and improves visibility 

Emphasis on quality over quantity 

Curated displays stimulate senses and urge to buy. Minimize inaccessible shelving for products – use shelving only where reachable 

Seamless incorporation of technology (visual displays, self-pay option) 

Lighting emphasizes product offering 

Incorporates self-service premium coffee experience 

Grab and go service with front desk check-out and self-pay option

Bar and Grill

Design Hallmark

Integrated into Atrium space and anchored to bar area. Separate from breakfast buffet area for distinct identity. 

Breakfast buffet space has ability to be physically separated from balance of atrium 

Centered on bar, but expandable into adjacent areas 

Social, interactive space with multiple seating zones. Architectural elements break down volume of atrium space into more intimate zones (cabanas/communal tables/lounge dining/low walls/planters) 

Lighting is programmed for day and night variations. 

Fast casual service—orders placed at bar/counter.