E'terie Caesar Salad, Small

Shelf Life: N/A
Portion/Serving: Small
Revision Date: Feb 26, 2017
Add Ons: Grilled chicken, salmon or steak
Availability: Ala Carte, IRD, GNG

All food handlers are required to follow all food safety brand standards and comply with all food handling procedures as noted in the ECOSURE audit program.


3 oz. Romaine lettuce, 1” chopped
1 fl. oz. Caesar dressing
1 tbsp. Garlic-chili toasted breadcrumbs
oz. Parmesan, fresh, shaved


  • 2 oz. Ladle
  • Portion Scale
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
  • Measuring Spoons


  1. In the bowl, combine the romaine and Caesar dressing. Toss to coat with the tongs
  2. Plate the dressed romaine lettuce as shown in the photo. Sprinkle evenly over the top of the lettuce the garlic-chili breadcrumb, and the shaved Parmesan.
  • Add optional appropriately heated protein of Guest’s choice to salad as shown in photos.